Cafe Clip

size: 6.50 W × 1.25 H × 1.00 L

The simple device measures, scoops, and then clips closed your bag of laundry detergent, tea or coffee grounds (or whatever bag needs measuring and sealing) all in one package.

The stainless steel device is 6.50" x 1.25" x 1" with a 2tbsp scoop, making it just the right size for clipping bags of most sizes without taking up too much storage space in your kitchen drawer.

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Tons of purposes
Written by undefined on 28th Mar 2016

I would not normally take time to write a review for a clip, but this has so many purposes. I put flax seed in everything but the bag it comes in never reseals properly and is left open in the fridge. This clip allows me to scoop it out of the bag and put it right back in the fridge sealed. No searching for spoons, clips etc in the morning and less to wash.

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