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 Kimberly Asked:

What is a HE washing machine in your desription of your laundry deterrgent?  And also how will I use the liquid laundry detergent since it is concentrted?


The "HE washing machine" is the new High Efficentcy washing machine that uses water.  Therefore it uses less detergent.  If you have one of these machines then you would use 1/4 ounce of Allens Naturally. If you have a regular machine you would use 1 ounce per load of Allens Naturally.  If you are washing diapers in either type machine use 1/4 ounce per load.

Question:  I use Allens Naturally detergent for cleaning cloth diapers, but I use another detergent for my other washing.  Do I really need to use two laundry detergents?

Answer:  If this works for you, fine.  However, there are so many detergents available it would be impossible to test all of them to be sure they are compatble with Allens.  To insure compatibilty, I would recommend using just Allens on all laundry during the diapering period.


Question: I know Allens Naturally is recommended for cleaning cloth diapers. What about using Allens Naturally for washing regular clothes and linens and things?

Answer: Allens Naturally is great for cleaning regular clothes and linens. In fact, for bed linens it is better for people with allergies, because it contains no perfumes or fragrances.


Question: Which is better, Allens Naturally Liquid Laundry Detergent or Allens Naturally Ultra-Concentrated Laundry Powder?

Answer: They are equal in performance and it is usually a personal choice. However, Allens Naturally liquid detergent is better in hard water situations, because the powder may need to be pre-dissolved in a cup of hot water.


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