Allen's Naturally & Resources for  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS

Allen's Naturally began 35 years ago when Allen's children were showing sensitivities to laundry products.  Through the years Allen's Naturally became known as a go to detergent because folks were not having the same reactions as they had to mainstream laundry products containing perfumes, dyes, fragrances and other irritants.

As our customers keep us informed with resources they have found helpful for MCS, we will continue to update this page with new information.  Please contact us with resources that have been helpful for you so we are able to share with everyone.


What is MCS?

A chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms that the affected person attributes to chemical exposure. 

In broad terms it means an unusually severe sensitivity or allergy-like reaction to many different kinds of pollutants including; solvents, VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), perfumes, petrol, diesel, smoke, "chemicals" in general and often encompasses problems with regard to pollen, house dust, mites, pet fur and dander.




Our Toxic Times

American Environmenatal Health Foundation

HEAL - Human Ecology Action League, Inc.

The CFIDS Chronicle (The Chronic Fatique and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Assoc. of America)


Websites / Products (Popular personal care sites among those with MCS)


How To Remove Harmful Chemicals From Clothes & Laundry
This wash routine was sent to Allen's Naturally by various customers. Since we received it from more than a handful of our customers we thought we should share it with you. If you have a helpful routine, please share it with us at

New Clothes or Fragrance Removal Wash Routine

Step 1.   Fragrance Free Soap & Twenty Mule Team Borax (follow Twenty Mule Directions)

Step 2.   Fragrance Free Soap & Baking Soda (1 Cup)

Step 3.   Fragrance Free Soap & Vinegar (1 Cup)

Step 4.   Consider 2-3 rinse cycles

Step 5.   If odor Still persists move to the next step below

Step 6.   Fill machine or bucket with water so clothes are covered in water and add                            
powdered  milk, enough to turn water milk like in color

Step 7.   Let the powdered milk soaked clothes sit overnight (8+ Hours) and rinse

Pesticide Removal
(Includes; pesticides, petrochemicals, coal tar derivative, fire retardant, Teflon, plastic
ingredients and easy care chemicals) This may work on stubborn fragrances.

Step 1. Fill washer with water so clothes / laundry is totally covered by water and add a              quart of 
 isopropyl alcohol. (Note, this is a petro chemical derivative, but alcohol              will dissolve the pesticides) Agitate,let soak 8+ hours and then rinse

WARNING! Be sure to mix alcohol and water together well before adding clothes so the alcohol does not remove color from clothing.
Step 2. Repeat process only this time use a Scent Free Ammonia. Yes, you are correct
            in thinking
Ammonia is terribly fragrant, but Ammonia is what removes the alcohol               so like Step 1. Agitate and let sit 8+ hours and rinse again.

Step 3. Since both the alcohol and ammonia are bothersome to most, it is suggested to
            follow t
he original wash routine for new clothes and fragrances following this routine.