Liquid Dish Soap - Fragrance & Color Free

UPC: 000845001408
size: 3.00 W × 9.00 H × 3.00 L
Warranty: All Allen's Naturally Laundry & Cleaning (liquid and powder) products are 100% refundable within 30 days of purchase. Please email us if you are at all dissatisfied giving us the opportunity to correct the problem.

Allen's Naturally dish soap is a strong grease cutter for dishes and does not contain fragrance, perfume, color or dyes known to irritate sensitive skin. Our customers tell us it is great to use on fine hand-washables and is great for light cleaning.    As a result, it is kind to your hands. This 24 oz. size bottle comes with a convenient flip-top dispenser.


Ingredients: Water, Linear Alkylaryl Sulfonate, Sodium Chloride



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Great Product
Written by Julia Bowers on 8th May 2020

We love this product and are so glad we found this company. My daughter has extreme coconut allergies and this product is so great for her and our family. They use such little ingredients and I feel safer using them.

Works well and no fragrance residue!
Written by Jeannie on 29th May 2019

I originally bought this for washing baby bottles and pumping supplies because mainstream products were leaving a scent behind. I now use it for all of our dishes! A little goes a long way. It doesn't foam for very long, but we like it!

Dish detergent
Written by Danielle on 4th Oct 2018

We love this soap. My baby is highly allergic to coconut oil. We use this soap to wash our dishes it works great and keeps my baby safe! I’m so glad I found this product it was quite a challenge to find a coconut free soap!

Written by Elizabeth on 28th May 2018

Since I have used the Automatic Dishwasher Detergent for years, I finally decided to try the dish soap. I'm not disappointed! Terrific product.

The Best
Written by Luisa on 28th Dec 2017

We've used this for decades (bottle is now fancier, but same excellent contents). There were few options a few decades ago for top-quality fragrance-free dish soap. There are now competitors, but I'll stay with Allens forever and a day.

Allen's Naturally - Liquid Dish Washing Soap
Written by Susan F. on 5th Sep 2017

Wonderful product with multiple uses! I've used this for over 10 years and it works beautifully for washing dishes. It's very gentle on my hands so I also use it as a hand soap, and have had good success using it for hand washables as well. I've also used the Automatic Dishwasher Detergent powder for many years. It works great and I love that it is fragrance free with no toxic chemicals. I have multiple chemical sensitivities and these are the only products I'm able to tolerate, so I'm thrilled that they also work great! Thank you, Allen's Naturally for such safe and effective products! Susan F

Excellent dish soap
Written by Marianne on 21st Apr 2017

I really like Allen's liquid dish soap. I appreciate that it is unscented and color free. It does a good job of cleaning dishes. It is also important to me that it is cruelty free.

Amazing Products!
Written by undefined on 2nd Sep 2016

We use Allen's products for all of our kitchen and laundry needs. Both of our children and myself have a rare type of allergy, called Mastocystosis. Allergic triggers are anything from strong scents, to pollens, to foods....this list goes on. Our daughter is very allergic to the chemicals used in most cleaners, including byproducts of any plant. These are the only products that we have found to be safe for you family, so we are very thankful for them! All of the products clean to my satisfaction, and I love that they do not leave any residue, either on the dishes or our clothes. Thank you, Allen's, keep up the good work!!!

Works like a charm!
Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2015

I do not have any chemical allergies, but I love the way this get's my dishes clean if I am not running them through the dishwasher. In addition, a little goes a long way!

Very Satisfied
Written by M. H. Phoenixville, PA on 13th Oct 2014

I recently purchased your dish washing liquid and liquid laundry detergent, I am very satisfied with your products. Since these items are biodegradable and cruelty free, I am also trying to interest my friends in using them.

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