We're reading!

As we work to develop our new image and re-brand Allen's were also working on reconnecting with our retailers and customers. Our brand is a family brand, that covers not only the cloth diaper community but the multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and animal rights communities as well. We want to learn about our customers, we want to know why you shop where you shop, why you continue to purchase Allen's and where you first heard about our products! 

We received an amazing review on our website the other day in which a local retailer was highlighted and we thought that was incredible.Reviews are great, don't get me wrong, we love hearing from you as to what you love about our product, but this one really stood out because it was the first one where the author mentioned a retailer. As a brand we know where our products are sold, but it's great to hear where our customers are shopping and what retailers are really hitting it out of the park!

So please know, your reviews mean the world to us and we can imagine our retailers feel the same way! If you love our products, please let us know! If you love where you purchased your product, please let us know that as well!

Small businesses thrive on your support and feedback. When you tell us who's taking care of you on the retailer side, we are that much more effective in how we are able to support other small businesses!