Natural Liquid Laundry & Cloth Diaper Detergent, Quart

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size: 3.00 W × 10.00 H × 3.00 L
Warranty: All Allen's Naturally Laundry & Cleaning (liquid and powder) products are 100% refundable within 30 days of purchase. Please email us if you are at all dissatisfied giving us the opportunity to correct the problem.
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128-loads-circle.jpgAllen's Naturally liquid laundry detergent cleans clothes and cloth diapers thoroughly, yet is gentle on fabrics leaving virtually no residue or perfume that can irritate sensitive skin. One ounce leaves clothes clean, bright and fresh-scented. The same one ounce pump the fits the gallon also fits the quart size for easy dispensing This pump can also dispense a 1/4 oz. restrictor clip for HE washers. This quart of laundry detergent can wash 128 loads in HE machines or 32 loads in standard machines. Great cloth diaper laundry detergent!


  • Perfume and dye free laundry detergent will gently clean laundry while keeping your baby safe from unnecessary irritation.
  • Concentrated for 128 loads when used in an HE (high efficiency) washing machine
  • Inexpensive at 10 Cents per Load!
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Recommended by many cloth diaper manufacturers including AMP Diapers, Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, Kissaluvs, Snap-EZ, Bumkins and Wonderoos.
  • Made in the USA

Featured Customer Review:

"Love your products. I found your detergent by way of cloth diapers. Now I use it for everything! Thank you!”
-Julie of Galena, OH

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Triethanolamine, Linear Alkylaryl Sulfonate, Sodium Chloride

Allen's Naturally began over 30 years ago with a mission to provide natural laundry detergent and cleaning products which contain no perfumes, no colors, and no residue. Our products are recommended for cloth diapers and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and have been recognized by animal rights groups such as Peta, Humane Society, Antivivisection Society, Beauty Without Cruelty, and other animal rights groups for not testing on animals and not using animal ingredients.

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The Best!
Written by April Hamilton on 25th Sep 2019

I found this detergent after trying to find something safe for my multiple allergy son. It’s worked great on his cloth diapers and our clothing alike!

Love it!
Written by Whitney on 13th Apr 2018

I have been using Allen's naturally liquid laundry detergent for several months now and it's my new favorite detergent! I bought it because of it's EWG rating and because it was also highly recommended for cloth diapers. Both of my boys have severe eczema and sensitivities to dyes, fragrances, and chemicals. I use it for both cloth diapering and our regular laundry. I love that it doesn't leave a residue or potent smell and that it doesn't take much at all in my HE front loader machine.

Love it!
Written by Whitney on 21st Feb 2018

Make sure you buy the pump, as it's a pain to pour it without one. The pump makes it so convenient and I love that I can use it for both cloth diapering and regular laundry.

Works Great
Written by Teressa on 6th Oct 2017

I have chemical sensitivities and cannot use the commercial brands. I also am allergic to Coconut. Yay me! Allen's doesn't have any of that stuff. It also cleans really great - no artificial smells, just clean!! Sometimes I add stink out - not for stinks but because the light citrus smell is a nice add. Other times, I add a damp washcloth with essential oils to the dryer. I have been buying Allen's products for about 2 years now and plan to continue!

Works well for person with formaldehyde resin allergy
Written by Alice on 1st Oct 2017

I have been using Allen's Naturally for about 5 years. It was recommended by my dermatologist after she diagnosed me with a formaldehyde resin skin allergy. I can trust it to clean my clothes, sheets, etc. without antagonizing my skin.

Great for MCS
Written by Stephanie on 6th Sep 2017

I have severe MCS and this product was recommended to me. I've been using it for 2 years now and it is fantastic. I have no problems wearing clothes that have been washed with Allen's Naturally laundry detergent. I use it for my whole family. Thanks Allen's Naturally!

Clean Diapers for almost 2 years without fail
Written by Alex G on 1st Sep 2017

I love this detergent for my babies diapers and clothes. I've been using this detergent for almost 3 years and don't plan on switching to anything else. Don't waste your time and money on detergents marketed toward being "baby friendly". This stuff is great on the everyones clothes and doesn't include harsh chemicals. I've read a lot about natural detergents not being strong enough for washing cloth diapers but I have to say this stuff works every time. A small amount goes a long way and they ALWAYS come out clean.

20 Years Later
Written by Dina F. on 9th Dec 2016

I have used Allen's Naturally laundry detergent for twenty years. I am have a severe case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and am allergic to most products. Allen's Naturally is a lifesaver for me. It is very pure, does a wonderful job, and is so concentrated that I can do many, many loads from one bottle. I am very grateful to Allen's Naturally for manufacturing such an excellent product. It is one of the very few that I can depend on. Thank you, Allen's Naturally! Dina F

This detergent is completely scent free with only a few ingredients! Works Awesome
Written by Heidi Taylor on 28th Oct 2016

I have been using Allens Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent for about 4 years. This is not just for cleaning diapers but for people who cannot tolerate fragrances looking for a natural detergent. I have heavily stained items and this detergent gets everything out. I also have very extreme chemical sensitivities (MCS) where I am unable to work due to my condition and this detergent works for me. It only has about 4-5 ingredients which is what I look for being so sensitive. I could not find any detergents prior to this that didn't have a slight scent even natural ones. This one really does work for those of you who are really sensitive like myself. I just use a standard washing machine on delicate cycle and warm sometimes cold water and it cleans everything. Hot water is not needed.

Great, neutral detergent
Written by Hailey R on 28th Oct 2016

Love this detergent. It last a long time. I read great things about the product working well for cloth diapers and being gentle for baby items, so I bought it thinking I would try it out before our baby arrives. Now we use it on EVERYTHING! It has a great neutral scent that isn't overpowering but still leaves clothes smelling fresh. Now we use it for baby clothes as well as our own. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the piece of plastic that is supposed to go on the pump to lessen the amount used for HE machines doesn't work at all. It slips over the edge of the pump and if you aren't paying attention, you end up using a full pump instead of a partial one. That could definitely use some improvement. But otherwise, everything else about this detergent is awesome!

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